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“Update and Overview of FAA UAS Integration Pilot Program (UASIPP)” Transportation Research Board, AV060 Airfield and Airspace Capacity Committee January 9, 2018

"Sailing Organizations & Drones: What You Need to Know" Gowrie Safety Reports, Feb 2018

Drones for Sailboat Race Management US Sailing Leadership Conference 2018

Ski Lift Maintanence Research Sponsor George Mason University Capstone project in the Systems Engineering program Completion May 2018

Forecast of Commercial UAS Package Delivery Market 

PRESS RELEASE: 1 Million Daily Drone Deliveries

Presentation to Cowen 3rd Annual Consumer Conference Convergence & Disruption

Drones Disrupting Package Delivery

PRESS RELEASE: Larsen receives Certification on Commercial Drones

Here is an interesting thought piece Darryl Jenkins and I put together on drone traffic management.

Fundamental Economic Laws of UAV- Adopt or Die - Aug 2016.pdf