Skylark Drone Research

Skylark Services, LLC, a women owned enterprise (WBE ) and SBA certified Women Owned Small Business (WOSB), was founded by Dr. Tulinda Larsen and operates as the dba Skylark Drone Research. Skylark Drone Research provides compelling economic research and analysis. Skylark Drone Research is an economic consulting company providing research, white papers, and studies related to UAV, UAS, UAM, drones, and business development using drones as a service.  

Some definitions are useful. An Unmanned Aviation Vehicle (UAV) is classified as an aircraft, which has no pilot onboard. An Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) is the unmanned aircraft (UA) and all of the associated support equipment, control station, data links, telemetry, communications and navigation equipment, etc., necessary to operate the unmanned aircraft.   In contrast, an Unmanned Aircraft (UA) is solely the flying portion of the system, flown by a pilot via a ground control system, or autonomously through use of an on-board computer, communication links and any additional equipment that is necessary for the UA to operate safely. Currently the FAA regulations specify the take-off weight must be no more than 55 pounds.  All of these vehicles and systems, which do not have a pilot onboard, are known as drones.

UAM vehicles are more than just the greater than 55-pound unmanned aviation systems (UAS). UAM is the transport of goods and people using unmanned aircraft, as well as some manned aircraft, that take advantage of the advances in automation and capabilities, such as vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) that were pioneered by UAS. Large UAS and UAM vehicles are designed to transport passengers and cargo, including packages, and leverage our air space, a great untapped natural resource. A few states, including Utah, are beginning to include the vertical infrastructure necessary to support the vehicles into transportation planning. 

Skylark Drone Research specializes in applying economic principles and modeling to understanding the drone market. Economic analysis provides insight into how markets operate, and offers methods for attempting to predict future market behavior in response to events, trends, and cycles.

We assist policymakers and the industry chose between alternatives based on systematic analysis, quantify of the benefits and costs of initiatives, market potentials for new products and services, and evaluate funding mechanisms for implementation of policies.

Additionally, Dr. Larsen is a licensed and insured drone pilot and has completed assignments for:

Susan Giordano Design - Landscape Design

Annapolis Yacht Club Race Committee

Annapolis Yacht Club House Committee

Projects include:

Serving as Executive Director, Deseret UAS, a nonprofit to promote the UAS industry in Utah.

Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International (AUVSI) named her Chairman of the Agriculture and Environment Working Group for the Trusted Operator Program (TOP).

Investigating the regulatory hurdles facing UAS industry on behalf of NASA

Official Drone Pilot for Annapolis Yacht Club and is working with the AYC Race Committee to develop policies and procedures for using drones in sailboat racing. In addition, I am documenting the reconstruction of the clubhouse.


Developing programs for the use of drones to improve operations at Snowsport/Mountain Bike Resorts.

Several projects investigating the use of drones for precision agriculture.

Co-authored with Darryl Jenkins a white paper released by Embry Riddle Aeronautical University forecasting the demand for package deliveries by drones.





Skylark Services, LLC dba Skylark Drone Research a WBE providing economic consulting to the UAV, UAS, and Drone market.

Dr. Tulinda Larsen is a licensed Remote Pilot in Command under Part 107 and is insured by AOPA